Moorcock Inn Hotel and Resaurant

Privately-owned Moorcock Inn Hotel and Resaurant in Slaidburn Road, Waddington, has closed and reopened a number of times under different management over the past 40 years.

Plans were submitted to turn the site into a development of luxury flats, but the plans were thrown out and the venue became known for fruit machines and discos. It reopened in 1984 offering fine cuisine and functions and in 1995 permission was granted for 14 new bedrooms.

It closed in May 2009, with the owners blaming the recession, but reopened under new management 20 days later.
In 1975, the Inn was put into liquidation after losses of £97,500 were revealed. Later that year, the building was gutted by fire, but was then fully restored and reopened in 1977.
It shut its doors for the final time near the end of 2010

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